Careful! Don’t Break The Link

I have found that when branding your company, consistency is the key to a successful brand. Don’t break the link between your company name and your brand mark unless you are left without choice.

Are you constantly changing your logo or company name? While your business must evolve with the times and trends, you must understand the stickiness of your name and mark together. There may come a time when you realize it is time to change your company name like we did. If this is you… tread lightly, you risk losing your name recognition.

If choosing your name for the first time, be careful!  Choose for a lifetime and when you do make the change, keep your message unified.

Quick Example – Our company name was originally created as Advanced Imaging East. Within a few years, we began receiving phone calls for x-rays and MRI’s! While “Imaging” technically fits our industry of signs, graphic images, company identity, screen printing, embroidery, and vehicle images, the word imaging has changed over time of how people and search engines relate to the word. Therefore, as we evolved, we had to make the official change in our name to Advanced Branding Solutions.  Our message did not change – On Time Quality Products & Service Everytime.

The same is important with your logo mark. It is best to keep your logo simple in colors and shapes. Business owners must also understand when hiring a logo designer, a logo mark designed for a web site with multiple shading and colors may be costly when reproducing it onto apparel, vehicles, or signage. Keeping it simple will go a long way to keeping your costs down and will make it easier for readers to recognize.


Advance Your Brand


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