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Matte vs. Reflective Real Estate Signs: What’s the Difference?

After you win a listing for a commercial property the real work begins. Your goal is to sell the property for the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time. To do this, you must find affordable ways to market your listing, and there is no better way to get your message seen by potential buyers than with custom signage.

Even with great online tools, real estate yard signs are still one of the best ways to build influence and get more leads.

People may never see your listing on Zillow or follow you

Custom Signs by Advanced Branding of Crofton, Maryland
Custom signs for commercial real estate brokers by Advanced Branding Solution

on Social Media, but they’ll drive by your real estate sign every day on their commute.

Approx. 85% of your potential customers will pass by your property each month. The best way to take advantage of that is to put a well-designed, well placed sign on the property. Consider a reflective sign to make you stand out from the pack. Even at night, a prospect can see your sign and return at their next convenience to visit the property.

Whether you need For Sale signs, For Lease signs or Directional signs, the question is… should you buy Matte or Reflective?

Here’s how they’re different:


  • Seamless finish
  • Visible at night when car lights shine on them, just like a traffic sign
  • Increased exposure – 24 hours a day
  • Perfect for drawing attention in dimly lit areas
  • Highly durable – can last up to 7 years
  • Saves electricity – no need for flood lights in most cases


  • Non-Glare finish
  • Does not reflect sun or skew rays from other objects (no glare)
  • Most affordable
  • Quick turnaround
  • Limited lifespan – maximum of 3 years

Outdoor real estate signs are durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and will help attract attention and generate interest in your properties. These signs are both affordable and effective and can provide the visibility you need to deliver your message.

Promote your properties and increase visibility day and night with real estate signs!

If you’re not sure which type of sign is right for you, we can help!

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