Custom Embroidery

From polo’s, woven shirts, jackets to caps and towels… we can offer you premium embroidery for your business staff. Send over your design and our team at Advanced Branding Solutions can give you a quick firm quote.

Brandedabc.jpg apparel promotes a team concept and gives your staff a sense of belonging to your team.  Embroidery is a top choice for a professional look.

However, it is important to understand that not all logos are designed to be embroidered. Important to realize that your logo design may need to be altered slightly to accommodate the single color threads used.


Keeping your design simple is the key to successful embroidery.  Advanced Branding Solutions has experienced embroidery specialists in house that understand how different textiles will react to specific weights of thread and needles.

We utilize multi-head Tajima Embroidery Machines that are tuned and adjusted by factory certified professionals.

20171226_115818Fall, Winter, & Spring, bring the need for embroidered jackets and coats. Why wear your company branded apparel to a client call when you cover it up with an unbranded jacket?  Embroidered outerwear just makes sense!

Teams and schools can benefit with spirit wear embroidery. Advanced Branding can 20171226_115642teach you how to easily offer promotional spirit wear to help promote your team or brand your school.

It does take some time to set up a design for embroidery. Be sure to expect set up charges and minimums of 12 pieces for initial orders. In addition, initially, your logo will need to be digitized for embroidery since each and every stitch must be specifically placed so that computerized equipment can actually stitch your apparel automatically. Digitizing is an art in itself and needs to be set up differently for each type of garment or cap.



There are many different types of material for shirts and hats, not to mention structured and non-structured caps, and knit hats. All of which must be handled differently.


Call Advanced Branding Solutions (301) 931-0183 to get your embroidery quote. We can help you select apparel for your next project.